80 Hour Radionuclide Authorized User Training Course
NCKSAP: Myocardial Viability, 2nd Edition
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NCKSAP: Nuclear Cardiology Tests and Procedures/Protocols, 3rd Edition
NCKSAP: Radiopharmaceuticals, 3rd Edition
ASNC Cardiac PET Curriculum
NCKSAP: General Cardiology as it Relates to Image Interpretation, 3rd Edition
Nuclear Cardiology Core Curriculum
NCKSAP: Sarcoid, 1st Edition
Nuclear Cardiology NOW: Strategies for Optimization, Efficiency and Productivity
Practical Dilemmas In Everyday Practice: Strategies For Difficult Situations
NCKSAP: Risk Stratification, 3rd edition
OnDemand: Cardiac Amyloidosis in Latin America: Current Situation and Perspectives
OnDemand: Nuclear Imaging in Women and Special Populations: From Diagnosis to Treatment and Beyond
Cardiac Amyloidosis OnDemand
JNC: Diagnostic accuracy of dynamic CZT-SPECT in coronary artery disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis (July/August 2022)
NCKSAP: PET MPI, 1st Edition
NCKSAP: Radiation Safety, 3rd Edition
JNC: Non-invasive diagnosis of vasospastic angina (November/December 2022)
JNC: Potential novel imaging targets of inflammation in cardiac sarcoidosis (September/October 2022)
JNC: Investigating the genetic characteristics of CAD: Is there a role for myocardial perfusion imaging techniques? (January/February 2023)
NCKSAP: Cardiac Amyloidosis, 1st Edition
JNC: Utility of nuclear cardiovascular imaging in the cardiac intensive care unit (March/April 2023)
JNC: The current status of CZT SPECT Myocardial blood flow and reserve assessment: Tips and tricks (May/June 2023)