80 Hour Radionuclide Authorized User Training Course
NCKSAP: Myocardial Viability, 2nd Edition
NCKSAP: Nuclear Cardiology Tests and Procedures/Protocols, 3rd Edition
NCKSAP: Radiopharmaceuticals, 3rd Edition
ASNC Cardiac PET Curriculum
NCKSAP: General Cardiology as it Relates to Image Interpretation, 3rd Edition
Nuclear Cardiology Core Curriculum
NCKSAP: Sarcoid, 1st Edition
NCKSAP: Risk Stratification, 3rd edition
OnDemand: Cardiac Amyloidosis in Latin America: Current Situation and Perspectives
NCKSAP: PET MPI, 1st Edition
NCKSAP: Radiation Safety, 3rd Edition
NCKSAP: Cardiac Amyloidosis, 1st Edition
Radiation Safety Review for Technologists
JNC: Deep-learning-based methods of attenuation correction for SPECT and PET (Sept/Oct 2023)
NCKSAP: Ventricular Function, 3rd Edition
JNC: Role of nuclear cardiology in diagnosis and risk stratification of coronary microvascular disease (July/August 2023)
JNC: 2022 Artificial intelligence primer for the nuclear cardiologist (Nov/Dec 2023)
Cardiac PET: Real-world Applications and the Role of F-18 Labeled Tracers
Course Overview: Cardiovascular PET: Moving into F-18 Myocardial Perfusion Imaging – Insights from Experts
Nuclear Cardiology Around the World: A PatientFirst Approach - Europe (03/24)
Diagnostic Precision for Tc-99m Cardiac Amyloid Imaging: Master the Latest Techniques for Improved Patient Care
JNC: Comparative predictors of mortality among patients referred for stress SPECT versus PET myocardial perfusion imaging (Jan/Feb2024)
JNC: Feasibility of myocardial blood flow quantification to detect flow-limited coronary artery disease with a one-day rest/stress continuous rapid imaging protocol on cardiac-dedicated cadmium zinc telluride single photon emission computed tomography (Mar/Apr 2024)